In vinyasaVinyasa yoga we link the breath with every movement we make. We ‘flow’ from one pose to another in Vinyasa, and our breath acts as the connecting element between the different movements. As with other classes, the intensity and difficulty are adapted to everyone’s experience and capacities of the moment.’ A warming physical practice with constant breath awareness hints will have you return to your daily life with an overall ‘bliss-feeling and renewed sense of aliveness.

I believe that a stronger physical practice combined with mindful breathing is very healing in our highly demanding society. We have become ‘addicted’ to our stresses so that it can take a lot of stretching and folding before we allow the tight grip that stress has on us, to loosen.

My Vinyasa training is mainly in the Jivamukti tradition, but over many years of practice I have developed my own ‘yinyangann’ style of teaching.