Hatha yoga

Hatha is the basis for our modern asana practice. hatha yoga

HA and THA continuously merge in each lesson. HA represents the sun, warmth, and movement; THA stands for the moon, female, and observing how each asana affects your body, your thoughts, and your emotions. Both seemingly opposing aspects are interwoven in Hatha, as well as in our daily life. Balancing Ha en Tha is necessary for a full, balanced experience of life.

Ann guides everyone to the present now moment with a short opening meditation. Sometimes an entire lesson is built up around a 'peak' asana; other lessons will focus on certain muscle groups or body parts.

Ha Tha promotes general health and well-being.

Hatha yoga has amazing effects on the entire human being. Physically it benefits our immune system, nervous system, hormone system, internal organs, flexibility, and muscle strength.

Ann has a broad understanding of the human individual anatomy, and applies the functional yoga alignment rule stated by one of her teachers:

“There is no perfect yoga posture. Every bone in every body is different. What can be beneficial to one body may be impossible or even harmful to another.”
Paul Grilley