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The Magic of Correct Breathing

This is a must for anyone who wants to improve their mental and certainly physical health through correct breathing.
Yoga knowledge or experience is not required

The knowledge and application of correct breathing offers the greatest benefits in all yoga disciplines, and in daily life.

"Without pranayama I would not be the enthusiastic and positive person I am today."

After feeling the immediate positive effect of breathing exercises on her own life, especially the Sudarshan Kriya process since 2003, Ann has given the yoga of breathing or 'pranayama' an important place in her life. The common thread throughout her own life has been BREATHING for years. Specific breathing techniques provide a specific desired effect.

In the workshop you will learn about the physiology of breathing and thus learn to (recognize) your own unconscious breathing patterns. The modern 'pulmonaut' breathing techniques are also discussed. You will discover and practice different yoga breathing techniques. These exercises are kept simple so that you can easily apply them at home!

You will take notes and also receive them to look back over and over again on what you have learned and practiced.

One thing is certain: After a morning of pranayama you will feel in top shape!

After this workshop you will be eligible to participate in the 'advanced pranayama' workshop.


Sunday 21 NOVEMBER from 9.30 am to 1 pm.

Contribution: 50 Euro. Notes, tea and healthy snacks included.

Places are limited.




by Ann - 10th September 2021

YIN NIDRA DELUXE : De ultieme onthaasting.

by Ann - 10th September 2021