Create your sacred space


Creating a sacred space is a gift to yourself. It is a place where you can withdraw from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, where you meditate, pray and re-align your energies.

With a few simple actions you can create your own sacred space at home, where you will love to come back again and again. 

If you are serious about your spiritual evolution, you need a meditation space. You can dedicate an entire room, but a closet or a night table is perfect too!


  • Dedicate a space

Find a -uncluttered- space where you know you can be alone, and decorate it with candles, statues (Shiva, Buddha, Tara, Mother Mary,...), dream catcher, fresh flowers...

Keep your meditation cushion and blankets there. 

  • Open all your windows

Opening the windows intuitively feels SO good. Especially if your altar is in your bedroom and “sleep” energies are floating around. In fact, open ALL windows in your home! This simple gesture strengthens your immune system, by allowing outdoor and indoor microbiome to mingle. Highly valued prana is allowed to enter your room and your house.

  • Put on uplifting music such as mantras, chanting

Did you  know that different frequencies are used to bring healing to specific chakra’s. For example 528 Hz is a healing frequency

  • Clean the room in a meditative, positive mood

 Keep your sacred space clean and uncluttered. ONLY USE NON-HARMING, BIODEGRADABLE HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS. We have become too obsessed with killing microbes, using harsh disinfectant in our home. The artificial ingredients in 'conventional' products can disrupt our hormones and cause diseases. It is easy and cheap to start making your own cleaning products! I have had fantastic results!

  • Use smudge/incense to expel stuck energies

White sage has been known to purify the energies in spaces and around people for centuries. I find the smell too strong for my current small meditation space, so I use it, then open the windows, do a few morning rituals and return to meditate when the smell has subdued a bit.

Palo Santo is my absolute favorite. Rare to find until recently, it is from a South-American tree and translates as "Holy Wood" from Spanish. My favorite incense is still Nag Champa after all those years, but I hardly use incense.

  • Essential oils and non-toxic candles

Essential oils really have an immediate positive effect on me, and I have oils, oil burners, oil diffusers all over my house! Since the virus craze often add a bit of colloidal silver to my diffuser, as it destroys viruses in the air! 

The best essential oils to induce a meditative state are SANDALWOOD, PALO SANTO, FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH, LAVENDER. I often use blends of oils in my candle burner. Use your intuition to choose the oils that will work best for you.

  • Use Reiki Symbols

Bless every corner of the room you meditate in, either with a short mantra or prayer while smudging, or by using Reiki symbols if you have been attuned in Reiki.

  • Incorporate CRYSTALS and PLANTS 

Bring Mother Earth inside your sacred meditation space and connect to nature. Plants add oxygen to your room and create a relaxing focal point. Aloe Vera is a great air-cleanser and has also many healing properties.  Swiss cheese plant is another air-cleanser...

Crystals have been around for millions of years…they are truly magical!  Amethyst, clear quartz and Moonstone are amazing meditation crystals, but depending on what you want to heal, choose crystals that suit your needs. They all have healing powers.

I gifted myself with a huge Amethyst Geode for my birthday, and I feel the calming effect immediately when I sit close to it to meditate. I also have a big amethyst on my night table as it helps to give us peaceful sleep.




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