Why do we chant Ohm in yoga classes?

Om is a mantra that is traditionally chanted at the beginning and the end of each yoga session, and at AS I AM yoga we aim to keep this tradition!

Om is said to be the heartbeat of the entire universe. The sounds vibrate on a frequency of 432 Hz, the same as everything in Nature, so when we chant this mantra we acknowledge our connectedness to everything and everyone around us. When I Om, I feel at one with the sound that is always there, and I feel the energy lifting around me.

New students can feel incredibly self-conscious about whether they are doing it right, but let me tell you there is no wrong or right. A group Om creates a conscious connection with everyone in the room, and is at the same time a deeply personal spiritual practice. It sets the tone for the class, and at the end, it reminds us once again that our practice is sacred. For those of you who might worry: It has nothing to do with religion or sects.

On a more practical level, chanting Om enables us to breathe deeper, by extending our exhales. By chanting Om during our exhales, we lengthen the exhales, which triggers a relaxation response. Repeating OM can be a focus for your personal meditation.


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Why do we chant Ohm in yoga classes?

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